See a sampling of this week’s menu offerings below. Items are subject to change based on seasonal availability and what inspires us at the greenmarket.

Nourish delivers on and for both lunch and dinner.  Alternatively, send a Postmates to our brick and mortar at 95 Greenwich Avenue to pick up daily selections straight from our counter.  For messengered delivery services with Postmates and deliveries with Caviar, please see this week’s menu options noted below.

Menu //  Today’s Selections*
*menu subject to slight changes based on availability of daily ingredients


Citrus Cured Salmon “Crispy Rice Cake” // miso cream cheese, nori-cured kohlrabi, asian pear, shiso, scallion *contains sesame [gf]
Avocado toast // watermelon radish, miso butter, sichimi togarashi-gomasio, Roberta’s sunflower-spelt sourdough + add a Maple Meadow farm egg [vegan. df]
Market vegetable frittata // Maple Meadow free-range eggs *may include cheese [gf]
Turmeric Persian tea eggs // rose [gf, df]
Forbidden black rice congee // coconut milk, apple, thai basil, fresh ginger, kaffir lime, pickled thai chili *contains fish sauce [gf, df]
Weekend brunch flatbread // kale, maitake mushroom, brie, truffle oil, chili-honey, fried egg, herbed whole wheat crust *Saturday & Sunday only
Housemade focaccia // salmon cream cheese, capers, scallion, everything bagel spices
Whole wheat biscuit egg sandwich // tomato achaar, apple-onion jam, sauteed spinach *Saturday & Sunday only
Brunch skillet eggs // poached eggs with roasted sweet potato, kale, ginger, chareed scallion, chinese sausage, hoison-gochujang sauce *contains coconut oil [df] *Saturday & Sunday only

Chia fresca pot // chia pudding with coconut milk, pear-cranberry jam, NKT’s gluten-free savory-spiced granola [gf, vegan, df]
Gluten-free baked oatmeal // apple, cinnamon, vanilla, pecan [gf, vegan, df]
Gluten-free quinoa oat bar // dried cherries, sunflower seeds, cardamon, pistachio [gf, vegan, df]

Asher’s scone // orange, date, cardamom
Savory sprial morning bun //  kale, squash, fennel, gruyere, vadouvan
Good day muffin // crimson crisp apple, date, pumpkinseed, orange zest
Gluten-free muffin // pear-cranberry swirl, coconut oil, oat streusel
Banana-espresso tea loaf // cocoa nibs
Fruit salad // winter citrus, pomegranate, pineapple, blue cornflower, vanilla bean [gf, df]


White Bean Soup // chicken broth, leek, truffle oil [df, gf]
*available for Caviar delivery  


Kale Salad with Garlicky Sauteed Scallions // Sweet pepper and paprika vinaigrette, crushed almonds, ewephoria sheeps milk cheese crisp [gf]
*Kale salad of the week – Caviar delivery *contains sesame

Shaved Fennel-Kohlrabi-Apple Salad // baby gem lettuce, olive dust, toasted buckwheat brittle, lemon vinaigrette  [gf, df, vegan]
*Market salad of the week – Caviar delivery 

Purple Potato and Parsnip Tian // Roasted scalloped purple potatoes and parsnips, Kale pesto, caramelized onion jam aioli
[df, gf]

Winter Vegetables with Bagna Cauda // grilled radicchio, roasted carrots and radishes [gf, df] *contains anchovy
*Market vegetable of the week – Caviar delivery


Wheatberry Salad // apple, garam masala, mint chutney, crushed cashew   [gf, df, vegan]
*Market grain of the week – Caviar delivery

Sweet Potato Noodles // hakurei turnips, roasted radish, radish greens, crispy lotus root, toasted sesame seeds, tamari-ginger dressing
[gf, df, vegan]
*Available for Caviar delivery  


Pickled Cauliflower Whole Wheat Laffa Wrap // Iraqi turmeric hummus, tomato achar, shaved cabbage and minced parsley slaw [df, contains chicken broth]
*available for Caviar delivery  
*available at lunch only


Herb-Lemon Roast Chicken // rosemary, thyme  [gf, df]
*Chicken/poultry selection of the week – Caviar delivery

Moroccan Lamb Meatballs // minted-lemon yogurt sauce  
*Meat selection of the week – Caviar delivery

Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder // shaved radish, coffee-spice rub  [gf, df]

Pan Seared Cod// Khao Soi curry paste, crispy shallots, crushed peanuts [gf, df]
*Fish selection of the week – Caviar delivery  *available at dinner only


Seasonal fruit kuchen // apple-cranberry, cinnamon pastry cream, coconut-cake crust
Bebe’s coconut macaroons // dark chocolate dipped [gf]
Dark chocolate brownie // walnuts, maldon salt
*other sweets vary daily

FRESH-PRESSED JUICES *selections vary daily

Morning Green // spinach, celery, pineapple, grapefruit, mint, jalapeno
Cold Killa // apple, lemon, ginger, cayenne, wildflower honey


Blood-orange shrub // Rose refresher


all your favorites…and ask about our seasonal latte and matcha offerings. Vittoria coffee comes to us from down under in Australia.  We are mildly (or strongly) obsessed with its smooth, chocolatey notes, good enough for a second or third cup.  We also offer a variety of Harney & Sons teas as well as Waketake hand-picked matcha by Marukyu Koyamaen – served as a frothy warm latte with our housemade almond milk or plain over ice. It’ll knock your socks off.

*A quick mention of our recent choice to only offer panela, unrefined Colombian cane sugar, as our sweetener of choice for our coffee, espresso and tea selections. We met the forward-thinking founders of Obelo panela a few months ago by chance, and their product, sourced straight from Colombia and distributed out of Brooklyn, has taken our hearts, and that of many of our customers.  Panela offers greater nutrient value than regular sugar, or sugar in the raw, and it brings notes of molasses and gentle sweetness to your beverage.  We’re hooked and hope you will be as well!


ask about our seasonal selection of unique, small-producer wines and craft beer.

gf = gluten-free // df = dairy-free